Campfire Brownies

Campfire Brownies

Are you a camper?  I assume everyone goes camping so it always surprises me when I hear people say they don’t.  Being out under the stars with the smell of trees and a campfire are like therapy to me.  When my kids were young I took them camping because it was something we could do that didn’t cost a lot of money.  Now they’re older and we go to re-connect, unplug and hang out together.  Oh yeah, and cook!  There is nothing like cooking over the campfire!

If you do camp, what kinds of foods do you like to make?  Do you cook over the campfire?  Take food you made at home?  Eat roasted hotdogs and s’mores for days?  I cook over the campfire.  It’s easy and relaxing and isn’t that what camping is supposed to be?

The things I love to make the most when we’re camping is desserts.  It’s kind of my thing.  Desserts, that is.  Being out in nature shouldn’t rob me of my dessert addiction, should it?  We’ve made so many Campfire Desserts and all of them have been delicious.  But this time, I wanted to try something a little different.  Brownies!  We love brownies and they seemed simple enough.  If you have the right tools – Pie Irons.  Do you have some?  If not, I strongly urge you to go and get some!

We used a boxed brownie mix to make it easier.  (I premeasured the oil at home.)

Campfire Brownies

Place a generous amount of brownie batter in your Pie Irons.  We had to add miniature candy bars and Rolos to ours, of course.

Campfire Brownies

We place our Pie Irons on the grate over the fire, as opposed to inside the fire.  They need to cook slowly so you don’t want too much heat.  Be patient and let them cook.  It could take up to 20 minutes but it’ll be so worth it.

Campfire Brownies

And because we can’t leave well enough alone, we topped ours with cream cheese frosting.

Campfire Brownies

It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

I’d love to hear what kinds of desserts you make when you’re camping!

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  1. Auntiepatch says:

    Never been camping. My husband’s idea of camping is a hotel room on the beach.

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