DIY Firestarters

DIY Fire Starters

Summer for me and my kids means camping.  Lots of camping!  Unfortunately this year it’s not happening.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I wasn’t sure what the future would look like, and how I would feel this summer.  So I cancelled our camping reservations and figured we’d stay close to home this summer.  (Cue sad music here.)

Then my amazing friends said that they were going to take us camping so I didn’t have to do any heavy lifting.  My kids were pretty excited.  And, it gave me a reason to make some pretty delicious campfire food.

Speaking of campfire, how are you at making one?  I’m pretty sure we’ve perfected it.  Mainly because we bring the right “stuff” with us, like these DIY Fire Starters.  They are so easy to make and they work wonderfully.  (Meaning, they light immediately.)

What you’ll need:
– corks
– rubbing alcohol

That’s it.  Easy, right?

Add as many corks as you have to a mason jar.  Add rubbing alcohol and let soak.  That’s it.  Viola!  Fire starters.

DIY Fire Starters

DIY Firestarters

Then sit back and enjoy the fire!


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