Free Summer Bowling For Kids

I love it when a friend emails me and asks if I’ve seen a certain activity or recipe that I can do/make with my kids. And I LOVE when the activity is free! I mean seriously… free rocks! So when a friend emailed me this site I did the “whoo hoo, free stuff” shout out […]

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Magic Marshmallow Cresent Puffs

magic marshmallow cresent puffs

A while back my Mom brought over a plate of these delicious puffs. She said “try these and tell me what you guys think.” Well, my kids never got to try them because once I took one bite of them I scarfed down the entire plate. (I’m secure enough in myself to be able to […]

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Rediscovering Mother Nature


A couple of years ago I was looking for some place to take my kids that didn’t cost very much money. The beach is our favorite destination but it’s so expensive to stay there. I searched hotel prices and googled family destinations but didn’t come up with anything that was within my budget. Then a […]

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Edible Fish Bowl

edible fish bowl

I remember making this years and years ago for a friend’s children. It was pretty cool (I thought) so my kids and I thought we would make it again for some friends. It’s super easy and it’s fun to do! What you will need: * any kind of clear bowl. We used a fish bowl […]

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FREE Movies at Regal Cinemas

Once again Regal Cinemas is hosting their Free Family Film Festival this summer. This event has been going on since 1991 but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I even heard of it. And did I mention it’s FREE?!?! Click on this link to find a movie theater near you that is […]

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Kitchen Tools Made Just for Kids

I love kitchen gadgets. No, wait. Let me try that again … I LOVE KITCHEN GADGETS! I love everything about them. I probably need to go to a 12 step program for it but I don’t care. I love going into kitchen shops and finding new gizmos or gadgets and then trying them out. I […]

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Double the Flavor Double the Yum

shortbread chocolate oatmeal bars

If you haven’t guessed by now I’m have somewhat of a sweet tooth. (Well, I think in an earlier post I claimed it was a fat tooth.) So when I saw this recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Chocolate and Toast, I just had to make it. I mean seriously, how can you go […]

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Raspberry Swirls

raspberry swirl sandwich pinwheels

My daughter saw these wonderful looking treats in her Fancy Nancy Tea Parties book. (Did I mention we LOVE Fancy Nancy?!) Her books are stupendous (that’s fancy for great!) I did an earlier post from this book as well. Click here to see it. So Ellie saw these and said to me “oh, let’s make […]

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Amazing Burgers and Lots of Smiles

Friends have been telling me about Five Guys Burgers and Fries for some time. I’ve thought about going but have never wanted to drive to Beaverton “just for a burger”. I mean, how good can their burgers really be, right? I can go to Burger King and get a burger for a buck – now […]

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A Little Taste of Summer

watermelon cookies

I’m beginning to get a little tired of the rain around here. It’s May for heaven’s sake and it’s pouring outside. I want summer! I want to be able to open up my windows and smell the fresh air. I want to wear sandals and capris and not feel like I’m frozen. I want to […]

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