Strawberry Cream Pie

strawberry cream pie

Let me start by saying I don’t normally eat pie. I don’t really like fruit (I know. I’ve heard it for 43 years from my Mom.) But there is something about it that just doesn’t appeal to me. So when someone serves pie for dessert I politely say no thank you. The only exceptions are […]

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Water Bombs… Homemade Style

homemade water bombs

My kids love to have water fights. Which kids don’t, right?! We go through hundreds of water balloons each summer. I don’t mind it too much but filling all of those balloons gets kind of old. And it makes my fingers hurt. (My kids are too young to tie them on their own. Or at […]

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Hot Dog Cookies

hot dog cookies

Are these the cutest cookies EVER?!?! Not to toot my own horn. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t invent this recipe. I just stole it =o) But how could I NOT steal it, right?!?! After I saw this cookie on Raina’s blog The Garden of Yum I knew this was the next cookie I was […]

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Super Secret Spy Day

secret spy day

My son is totally into anything Spy. We have watched The Spy Next Door about 20 times and everytime he absolutely cracks up. We check out spy books and watch spy movies and he just can’t get enough. So I decided we needed a Super Secret Spy day of our own. So we invited some […]

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A Rainbow of Colors for Breakfast

colorful pancakes

My kids and I watch a craft show every Saturday morning called Donna’s Day. Have you heard of it? It’s fantastic. She does crafts and recips and all sorts of great things for you to do with your kids. Some of them are awesome. Some of them are for the more Martha Stewart Mom’s out […]

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Blog With Substance Award

I received this most excellent award from Mandy over at Mandy’s Recipe Box. Her blog is awesome and has many fantastic recipes. I’ll warn you now… if you’re hungry when you check it out you’ll be super hungry when you are done. The pictures are to die for!!! So a huge thank you to Mandy […]

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S’Mores Stuffed Brownies

s'more stuffed brownies

When I saw this post over at Picky Palate I knew it was a recipe I had to try. I love s’mores and I love brownies! What better than to smash the two together?! Seriously. These S’more Stuffed Brownies are incredible! And I don’t mean, “huh, those are good” incredible. I mean “holy heck, these […]

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Summer Flip Flops

summer flip flops

We are a flip flop family. We would all wear flip flops all year if we could. But we live in the Pacific Northwest and it’s cold and rainy and that just wouldn’t be a good thing. So when the sun shines (or the rain stops, whichever comes first) all of us shed our shoes […]

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Meatloaf and Mashed Potato Cupcakes

meat loaf and mashed potato cupcakes

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes are comfort food to me. I love them! My kids love them! And I love that my kids love them! But I wanted to kid it up a little. (We eat meatloaf a lot.) So I made my regular meatloaf. It’s nothing uber fancy. I buy the spice packet at the […]

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Delicious Balls of Goodness

cake balls

A co-worker of mine first introduced me to cake balls. I had never heard of them before. Apparently I was totally out of it because they have been around for awhile and have been quite the thing. But in my little neck of the world, they were new…. and delicious!!! I immediately had to go […]

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